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Adrii's Kitchen


Adrii's Kitchen specializes in delightful appetizers and signature dishes that we call Comfort Food. It was established in 2018 in the state of New York by Chef Adrii. A full service catering business that takes food to another level, every dish is made with its own personal twist and a handful of love. Irresistible food catered to your preference but is served with style. Adrii's Kitchen is a proud "No beef and/or pork" kitchen. Four years ago, it was just a couple of dinners but now  we have grown into a phenomenal catering service that serves people all over the United States through private dinners, food festivals, corporate lunches and more. Our catering is different, we aren't just dropping off food, we are so much more. We come with our own delivery drivers, servers and cleaning crew. Food you will rave about, take pictures of and tell with your family/friends all about.  

                                              "Where your taste buds are the judge!"

Citrus Fruits

Who are the chefs behind the food?

Head Chef/Owner

Adrianna Colon is a Guyanese/

Puerto Rican female chef who was

born and raised in Spanish Harlem. She

created Adrii's Kitchen catering service to bring delicious affordable meals to her community.

She decided to give her own personal twist to your favorite

traditional cuisines while adding her personal health choices.

Chef Adrii's made the health choice

10 years ago to no longer eat any beef and/or pork so

she decided to incorporate that into her menu. 

 She gradually developed a passion for the culinary arts while using cooking as a stress reliever.

She fell in love with the idea of using her creativity to create phenomenal new dishes. While realizing she enjoyed cooking, that wasn't enough.

The rush and thrill she experienced while catering was all she needed to take over and create her own. 

As she would say,

"It just matched her energy and drive but it isn't for everyone."


An old history teacher once told her

"Find what you love to do

and then find a way make a living off it."


And, she did that! 

Elisabel Ruiz-Marquez 

is a young driven

Mexican-American women

from Bushwick, NY.

She joined the Adrii's Kitchen

team in 2019 as a prep cook and

has grown into a Sous chef/Prep cook teacher.

Recently earning a Bachelors degree

in Engineering from City Tech

College, NY. Elisabel is a self taught chef that learned most of her skills from her dad and head chef,

Chef Adrii but she took those skills

and used her creative mindset to 

bring so much more to every dish. She incorporated new traditional Mexican dishes on the menu and has taken our meals to another level of deliciousness. 

Chef Adrii
Screenshot_20220915-151552_Google (1).jpg
Chef Lisa

But let's not forget about the rest of our team...

Sous Chef

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"Teamwork makes the dreamwork."

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