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About Us

Where your taste buds are the judge!

Adrii's Kitchen is a POC~women owned catering business that specializes in delightful appetizers and delicious signature dishes that we like to call

Comfort Food.

Established in 2018, in New York City by Chef Adrii, a full service catering business was formed.  

Taking food and its service to another level, every dish being made with its own personal twist and handful of love.

Over the past 5 years, we have created and is now known for our

Harlem inspired Chopped Cheese Empanadas, Wooh! Wings and Avocado Salmon Bites.

Adrii's Kitchen is a proud NO beef and/or pork kitchen. 

Beginning with just a couple of dinners, now growing into a phenomenal business that serves people all over the United States

through private parties, food festivals, corporate events, concerts and so much more.

This is catering done right, they provide reliable service, fresh meals that are always on time with a helpful staff.

Offering a team of servers, drivers, set up and cleaning crew with every order.

Serving as small as 10 people to as big as 500.

This food will have you raving about it and wanting to tell everyone and

of course, have you come back for more.



Meet The Team


Chef Adrii


A Guyanese/ Puerto Rican female chef born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NY. Working a desk job and dreading those long train rides, knew this wasn't the place for her. 

She then began the search to find her passion and purpose in this world. 

 Chef Adrii gradually developed a passion for culinary arts while using it as a stress reliever. She discovered a feeling that was unreal. The kitchen became her happy place, a place where nothing else mattered.

The rush and thrill that came with catering though, matched Chef Adrii's energy.

She knew then that this was what she wanted to devote her time to.

In 2018, She did her research and took her time to self-teach everything she needed to know to run a successful business. 

Now 5 years later, she has become a head chef and owner of that successful catering business she once dream about. 

Screenshot_20220915-151552_Google (1).jpg

Chef Liisa


A Mexican-American female driven chef born and raised in Bushwick, NY. Joined the Adrii's Kitchen team in 2019 as a prep cook and has grown into a phenomenal

sous chef.

At the age of 22, Chef Lisa earned a degree in Engineering but after

4 years in the catering business, she has decided to take culinary art classes to advance her skills.

She already brings so much creativity and style to the kitchen. 

Chef Lisa takes control of that kitchen and is developed into a one of kind partner/ chef. 

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